Tell your story, with Video

Whether it’s an interview, advert or exhibition back-drop, video is an essential tool in every modern marketer’s toolbox. Spin Up Science Media offers an end-to-end video production service, so you can communicate to clients, customers and staff with efficiency and elegance.


At Spin Up Science Media we provide a flexible, audience-centred video production service.

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The plan

Together, we determine your video’s objectives, core message and target audience, and compile this information into a production brief. Our thorough planning process ensures you receive optimal service from the ideas stage through to the grand premiere.

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The Creative Approach

We recognise that every project is different. Want to talk to the world? We can start by writing a script. Eager to take your viewers on a visual journey? We can build a storyboard. Together, we’ll take the first creative steps towards building your dream video.

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The SHoot

Lights. Camera. Action. We bring your video to life with high definition footage, crisp audio and cinematic editing techniques. Whether you want interviews, b-roll, time-lapses or slow motion, we work hard to sculpt a video that stands out from the crowd.



Communicate your ideas effectively

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth?


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