Welcome to the team Dr Maddy Nichols!

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We’re excited to welcome the latest member of the Spin-Up Science team: Dr Maddy Nichols.

Maddy will be joining us to run operations and events, with the aim of connecting more people with the Bristol startup hub.

Over the course of her time at university, Maddy found that she particularly enjoyed being involved in events and outreach where she got to discuss science with people of all ages. From running science demos in a muddy field at festivals, to discussing the science behind science-fiction in The Cosmic Shed podcast, she loves playing a role in making scientific research and discoveries more accessible to the public.

At Spin-Up Science, Maddy will be working to connect everyone with the exciting developments and opportunities within Bristol’s innovation ecosystem. From her perspective, “It’s important for people to be aware of the growing science startup community and to have the opportunity to get involved with, enjoy and share this flourishing industry. Especially when it’s right on your doorstep!” She is excited to set up more opportunities and events for everyone to actively engage with early-stage companies here in Bristol.

Dr Maddy Nichols Outreach and Events
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