Researchers from the HVCfP join us for a week of entrepreneurial training


Last week we were joined by doctoral researchers from the BBSRC High Value Chemicals from Plants (HVCfP) research network.



Last week we were excited to have with us four doctoral researchers from the BBSRC High Value Chemicals from Plants (HVCfP) research network on the Science Entrepreneur Experience (SEE) program.

Over the five-day immersive program, the cohort had a crash course in running a company while steering a live business.  Our goal is to empower scientists with the commercial and entrepreneurial skill sets needed to translate more scientific research into the marketplace.  A huge thank you to Unit DX, SETsquared and the Engine Shed for hosting us and the team over the course of the week, the team loved working alongside Bristol's agile and innovative science and technology companies!



After the traditional morning pastries, a tour of Unit DX and an introduction to the project. The week kicked off with an initial meeting with the client providing the live business case, A&R House (BCL), a local SME looking to develop novel, sustainable, and healthy food ingredients.

The team used their scientific backgrounds in plant sciences, from medicinal chemistry to plant genetics, to identify potential applications for the proposed innovation. Over the week, the team dove deep into technology-fit driven customer discovery, market research, and competitor analysis,and built a picture of the commercial viability of the venture.

Calling in the expertise of Ben Bilsland (RSM LLP) to help build a financial model for the delivery of the project and Sarah Bratton-Bishop, (TLT LLP) to refine the team's investment pitch, the team worked to prepare an investment ready proposal for the project. At the end of the week, the cohort handed over their findings and insights before running through with the client their proposed strategy.  The week ended with network drinks with some of the science start ups and entrepreneurs of Bristol.



We would like to thank the PhD team for all their hard work and dedication to this week’s Science Entrepreneur Experience, as well as the team from A&R House (BCL) for providing a fantastic learning opportunity that we hope provided a good starting point for the next stage of the project. We are looking forward to seeing the next stages of the project and look forward to following the successes of this fantastic group in the future!