Quantum Start Up Week



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Quantum-Inspired Business Ideas

The UK is a world leader in scientific discovery and looking to convert this excellence into innovative businesses.  For a week in July, the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC) and Spin Up Science are bringing together like minded aspiring entrepreneurs with emerging quantum businesses.

Quantum Start Up Week will cover the main strategies required to establish effective businesses and offer exposure to current CEOs and technologists already engaged in research translation.




Course Info

Audience: PhD/ Postdoctoral Researchers

Size: 30 participants

Length: 4 days (10th-13th July 2018)

Content: Entrepreneurship, identifying market opportunities, technology commercialisation, market research, financial planning, company incorporation, business strategy, investment readiness, investment pitching.


four days of business training 

Quantum Start Up Week is a four day program designed to develop the skills and knowledge required to effectively translate quantum-inspired technologies into the market place. Sessions are led by seasoned entrepreneurs, professional experts, patent attorneys, and investors to turn ideas into viable businesses over the course of the program.

On the final day, teams of participants will pitch their ideas in font of real VC's for the chance to win prizes to support the realisation of their start-up journey.


Over £10,000 worth of prizes available to help start up new businesses


market opportunity to investment pitch

  • Learn to define current and future market opportunities for quantum-inspired ideas

  • Assess the competitive landscape and validate potential applications through contact with real customers and experts.

  • Work alongside and receive guidance from entrepreneurs, advisers, investors, and professional service partners

  • Identify the early adopter demographic, estimate the market size for the wider addressable market and explore revenue models and business development strategies

  • Develop a compelling business proposition into a pitch ready for investment.


Quantum Start Up Week© is a product of Spin Up Science Ltd. Interested in working with us to develop a similar program? Get in touch!