"Start-up skills" for scientists and engineers.

Interactive Workshops

Location: Any

Audience: Undergrad. → professors

Size: Unlimited

Learn to build a start-up, alongside start-ups.

Immersive Experiences

Location: Science Incubators

Audience: Masters → Post-Doc

Size: Small Cohorts

Who We’ve Worked With 


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Who We’ve Worked With 


  • “SEE would have been an invaluable experience before starting the QTEC fellowship, and would much better prepare me for starting a company”
    ~ Nathan Ahamd – QTEC fellow – Entrepreneur (Quantum technologies)
  • “The students approach the business with no preconceptions about the application for the technology; from objective analysis they wrote a strategy for company formation and enabled us to visualise our research as a new business. We have now incorporated
    ~ Charlotte Bermingham – Founder of Vitamica
  • “PhD students have high-level problem-solving skills, the capacity to absorb large volumes of background knowledge and a scientific background, this is very useful for tasks that require critical analysis such as assessing the commercial application for a technology”
    ~ Roland Baranyai – Founder (Thin film metrology – nanotechnology)
  • “Forced us to crystallise our own thinking – when you have got to present your business to a team of people who are coming at it fresh, you need to build up a very clear picture. Useful for us because of the timing. We pivoted a bit and were going through a rebranding Engaging with the SEE scheme at that point tied in nicely to give fresh over.”
    ~ Martin Challard – CTO Zentraxa (Customisable peptides – Biological engineering)

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