PhD to Consulting

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This intensive hands-on course gives researchers the opportunity to experience scientific consulting first-hand, by delivering a consulting contract for an early- or mid-stage company working in a relevant scientific field. Cohorts are guided through the consulting process from start to finish, receiving intensive training in the industry skills they need to both deliver the contract and comprehend the broader landscape. By the end of the course, participants will have a firmer understanding of the tools, contacts and knowledge required to become a successful consultant.


Course info

Audience: PhD/Postdoctoral researchers,

Size: 4-10 participants

Length: 3-5 days

Content: Consultancy, industry skills, communication, client management,market research, technology commercialisation, IP, financial awareness

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accessing opportunities

The PhD to Consulting program is designed to demonstrate to researchers how their scientific expertise, when combined with real-world business skills, places them in a strong position for future employment, both within or outside of academia.

As a researcher, this course can be used to investigate whether consultancy appeals to you, to develop transferable industry skills, or to gain the skills and confidence needed to take the next steps in your own chosen direction. Once the PhD to Consulting training course has been completed, interested participants will also become eligible to be contacted for future paid short-term consulting contracts, organised through Bristol Consulting Partnership. 


course structure

The company and brief chosen for each program is tailored to the scientific background of course participants; therefore, the day-to-day course structure is unique to each cohort. All programs begin with a face to face meeting with the client, and culminate with the production of a detailed presentation and written report for the client. Participants receive training in industrial skills from the most relevant external experts, including IP lawyers, solicitors and accountants. Opportunities to network are facilitated throughout, and learning is guided by facilitators across the program.



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If you are a researcher interested in taking part in a PhD to Consulting course, or an organisation looking to arrange a course for your staff or students, get in touch. We are happy to provide further information about this or any of our courses, and can work together to put together a course that works for you.